see you
March 2021
This new piece of work was made in response to a call out from song writer and musician Beccy Owens, to be included in the video for ‘Safety First‘ a track from CHAOTICA by Beccy Owen & The Refuge.

‘everything is happening, nothing is happening’

nothing is happening, everything is happening, February 2020
My series of miniature artworks entitled ‘nothing is happening, everything is happening’ was installed as part of the the creative mothers project exhibition Creāre for IOMA in February 2020. A series of three photograph and mixed media pieces.
‘Creāre’ is a series of exhibitions exploring the very broad topic of motherhood. The fourth instalment was entitled “To prepare, cause” – an exhibition of works by Jane Harrison, Joanna Jowett, Judith Revers, Katy Bavill, Covi Oya Cienna Ray and Anna Pazera 

Joanna Loveday, To Breathe with Words, 4’30”
To Breathe with Words is a sound recording of the following quote as it was typed using an Imperial 66 typewriter. Jorge Luis Borges in his essay ‘The Mirror of Enigmas’:
the steps a man takes, from the day of his birth to the day of his death, trace an inconceivable figure in Time. The divine intelligence perceives that figure at once, as man’s intelligence perceives a triangle. That figure, perhaps, has its determined function in the economy of the universe…” (Jorge Luis Borges)

The details of the act of typing are caught in this recording; the faulty bell, the swoosh of the carriage, the writers breathe. Staccato, the sound of typing and the physical processing of the words, letter by letter, mirrors perfectly the quote in one direction, but un-writes or re-writes it as something new in reverse. The reverse sound created is something of a vortex, sucking the words back letter by letter, not dissimilar from the intake of breath.

To Breathe with Words was exhibited at The Tetley, as an element of The Reversing Machine, by Simon Lewandowski & Sam Belinfante, January 2014

To Breathe with Words a recording on vinyl was available for selection and for gallery visitors to play on the Palindrone Jukebox along with other specially commissioned palindromatic compositions.

The Reversing Machine
25 January – 3 March 2014
Undergoing constant reconfiguration during its exhibition, components such as the ‘Palindrone Jukebox’ [sic] will encourage audience interaction by inviting visitors to select vinyl records to play specially commissioned ‘palindromic compositions’ on self-reversing turntables within the installation.
This kinetic installation functions as a mechanical palindrome, reflecting on our contemporary lives and the many simultaneously controlled processes and repetitive actions within them. A multi-component machine, powered by a self-reversing gearbox, it connects to multiple outputs which harness sound, light and movement; playing and reversing record turntables, powering lights on and off and open and closing curtains.
These ‘Satellite’ devices mirror the ways we perceive the flow and passage of time and model a complicated universe by using simple mechanical processes, in a form of mechanised performance. Over the course of the project the artists will constantly reconfigure the work and invite interaction through the contribution of new components. A free-standing booth dubbed ‘Palindrone Jukebox’ will house seating and a shelf of bespoke vinyl records, with specially commissioned palindromatic compositions which visitors can select from and play on the self-reversing turntables.