Dwell Time: a moving picture of mental health
Extended Review of Dwell Time Issue 2 August 2020 for Corridor 8


Corridor 8 Interview with Kerry Harker and Claire Irving, East Leeds Project, October 2019
My interview with Kerry Harker and Claire Irving, Founder and Artistic Director and Communities Director of the East Leeds Project is now live on Corridor 8. I spoke to them about how the project is gaining momentum and putting local makers at the centre of a new creative conversation about what life is like in the east of the city.
Read the full interview here.

Poem ‘I’m Moving’ for RJC Dance, Leeds
March 2020

I’m moving. 

Watch these arms make shapes, rings around me.
Positions from hours, in dance studio mirrors.
Hips roll, toes point, head over feet.

I try to loosen, to reverse this bolt someone tightened, 
so long long ago, to make me dance neat.

I need to drop low now. 
I need to let go.
I need to be free of it, finally, be me. 

A music found me or I found it, a rhythm, a new dance, a carnival beat.
And when you know, you know.
You return to it year after year, week after week.

And it’s feeding my soul, as I devour each beat.

Yoko Ono, Mend Piece (1966/2019), installation view, Yoko Ono at Leeds, Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds Arts University, Leeds, England, 2019. Photo: Hamish Irvine © 2019 Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono Exhibition Review March 2019
Review for Corridor 8


Cover of Copy: Charts

COPY Charts
Christine Arnold / Dave Charlesworth / Ben Jeans Houghton / Bob Levene / Joanna Loveday / Charlotte A Morgan / Maru Rojas / Aymee Smith
Developed through a series of field trips to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Charts is an ambiguous guide; an unreliable field survey, a diversion or a shifted cartography for imaginary wandering. Works respond to, relate to, tangent from, map, chart, obscure and abstract the site, interwoven with fictions, fragments of histories, critical ideas, propositions and recollections.
Joanna Jowett (nee Loveday) Contribution: Performance of the Sky 

COPY // unfold is a publication of works which respond to or enact a state of being or ‘in process’, drawn together by the tension between the resolved and unresolved, drafted and rewritten, finished and unfinished. Contributing artists: Alain Ayers / David Berridge / Julia Calver / Paul Carr / Rachel Lois Clapham / Emma Cocker / Laura Davidson / Joanna Loveday / Flatten the Mountain / Daniel Fogarty / Sarah Frydenlund / Derek Horton / Tamarin Norwood / Oui Performance / Flora Robertson / Terry Slater / Richard Taylor / J.D.A Winslow / Paul Wright. Launched 2011

Published in 2009, RITE is the result of a nine month collaboration with Critical Communities, a New Work Network and Open Dialogues project exploring the practice of critical writing on and as new work (interdisciplinary and live art).
RITE is a collection that brings together 19 original texts by UK based art writers that enact expanded acts of criticism, question the essay form, use language as material and attempt to work the different ways that writing can be on or about new work.

Cover of Poetry Indoors

Poetry Indoors
A Gallery Guide to ‘Marina Abramovic Presents…’, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester 3-9 July 2009
A Collaborative Text by Rachel Lois Clapham and Joanna Jowett (nee Loveday)